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Toys, throughout time, have been a necessity to man since infancy. To children it represents a biological need, often expressed by motions and amusement. The need for amusement to mature people occurs through participation in various games.

The toy is considered as necessity for the physical and mental development of the human being. Even animals need a toy, especially during the infant stage. This reassures the opinion that the toy, aside for entertainment, fulfills a general biologic purpose.

There are, therefore, several types of toys, aiming to the individual or to the group, the practice of which may engage the use various instruments. There are also toys that do not demand the use of instruments. Finally, there are toys for which special physical effort is necessary and toys for which mental effort must be exerted. All toys aim to the exercise of the body and the spirit, through entertainment.

(Excerpt from the Papyros- Larousse Encydopedia)

The effort to artistically express dream and to combine the functional character of an artwork with its plastic value, has led me to a series of constructions.
My intention has been to enable the viewer to play into the world of the toy.
Motion is the common element of the works.
Motion is realized either through the participation of the viewer (horse, bird-skate), or is automatic (carousel), or static (knights).
The structural substance utilized is wood and metals. The form-shapes are generated through painterly techniques and completed with relief collage.


1960 Born in Athens.

1980-1981 Studies in Painting: Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts, Paris.

1981-1986 Studies in Painting: Athens School of Fine Art, workshop of Nikos Kessanlis.

1986-1990 Studies in Etching: Athens School of Fine Art, workshop of Thanassis Exarchopoulos.

1993-1995 State Scholarship Foundation, Post graduate studies in Etching under the supervision of professor Thanasis Exarchopoulos.


Selected Exhibitions

1989 "Etching and Drawing", Belgrade.
Polyedro Gallery, Patra.
Maria Papadopoulou Gallery, Athens.

1990 "Rencontre des Ecoles d'Art de la Mediterranée", Algiers.

1991 "Young Greek Engravers", Tassos Foundation, Athens.
Cultural Center, Municipality of Tripolis.
Cultural Center "Diavlos", Volos.
Cultural Center, Municipality of Kalamata.

1992 Larissa Public Gallery, Larissa.
Pili ofAmmochostos, Nicossia.
Municipality House, Larnaca.
Tribute to Andreas Kalvos", Goulandris Foundation, Athens. "Pliades" Gallery, Athens.
National Gallery ofBratislava.
Palais Hirsch Schwetzingen, Germany.

1993 "Painting, Sculpture, Etching", Zappion,Athens.
"Apopsi" Center of Letters and Arts, Athens.

1994 "2nd Etching Workshop 1992-1994", Costis Palamas bldg, Athens.
Konschthaus Bern Engel, Luxemburg.
Palais de l'Unesco, Paris.
3rd Biennial of Belgrade.

1995 "3rd Bharat Bharan International", India.

1996 Palais Hirsch Schwetzingen, Germany.
National Gallery Jilius .Jakobi, Kozice,Slovakia.
Municipal Gallery, Bouzianis Hall Athens.
"4th Biennial of Beograd", Belgrade.

1997 "International Ex- Libiris Centrum Sint-Niklaas", Belgium. Polyedro Gallery, Patra.
"4th Bharat Bharan International", India.
"22nd Biennial of Ljubljiana", Slovenia. "Biennale van de Kleingrafiek", Belgium. "Paratiritis "Art Gallery, Thessaloniki.

1998 "5th Biennial of Beograd", Belgrade.
"Ex-Libris, Vas. Zevgolis Collection". HalI of Giorgio de Chirico, Volos.

1999 "Premio Intemazionale Biella pert l'incisione". Torino.
The Art of Exception", FlAT, Center of Major Hellenism.
"Ex-Libris, Vas. Zevgolis Collection". "Paratiritis" Art Gallery, Thessaloniki. "Stoa of the Book", Athens.


Personal Exhibitions

1997 ASTRA gallery.

1999 "ART ATHINA" 1999. ASTRA gallery. ASTRA gallery.