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Common Sense
New Photos by Martin Parr

Detail der arbeit "Common Sense"
500 farbfotokopien, je 42x60 cm

During the last four years Martin Parr, the well known Magnum photographer, has observed daily life. Being a global project "Common sense" high lights details of contemporary life on all five continents. Shown together and in relation to each other the photographs have a harrowing accumulative effect.

Focusing in on anything from fast food, details of people's clothing, flowers or money, the pictures generate a new language of using photography to represent the world. Working with a 35 mm camera with ring flash and macro lens the images are empowered with intense colour and bold design.

To emphasize the truly global nature of this work, Parr has set out, together with
Magnum Photos to show this exhibition simultaneously in 30 cities across the world.
The pictures will be shown as A3 laser prints.

As representative for Zurich, arsFutura Gallery will show 500 signed laser copies
(42x1 cm, SF I 00.--each). Additionally the new book (Common Sense, 1999, ed.
Dewi Lewis, 160 pages, 158 colour photos, 205x94 mm, hardback), signed by Martin
Parr, will be on sale in the gallery for the price of SF 62.50.


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