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Douglas Kolk

Douglas Kolk was born in Newark, USA in 1963. He lives and works in Berlin, Germany and New York.

The artist's work has been exhibited internationally since 1992 and is now represen-ted in numerous public and private collections.

His body of work probes the issue of identity and the multifaceted nature of the hu-man psyche. For Douglas Kolk drawing offers endless possibilities for exploring and interrogating this theme.

The artist has developed a highly individual style. Although he greatly varies his choice of materials, the drawings are always recognizable.

Having begun with small drawings on paper, Douglas Kolk developed large-format works on paper and distinguished himself with his works on canvas and his Wall-drawings. His confident line creates figures that seem familiar to us but ulti-mately resist definite identification.

The artist playfully takes up narrative elements from fables, comics and television-series and incorporates them into his work. The result is a language that is uni-versally comprehensible but nevertheless retains an element of mystery.

The artist's work has a direct, sensitive and authentic effect on the viewer. Yet, Kolk allows enough freedom for the recognition of our own ideas, wishes and desires within the drawings and figures.

For the exhibition at arsFutura Douglas Kolk will present site-specific wall-drawings and large-format photographs in addition to his drawings.

The publishing house, Walther König Verlag is currently preparing a book by the ar-tist based on the group of works 'Suicide Girl'.

For further information and photographic material please contact the gallery.


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