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Alberto Savinio

Alberto Savinio (1891-1952) is nowadays best known for his writing; not many are aware that in his own time he also gained recognition as a composer, musician and painter.

In the years prior to the outbreak of the First World War, Savinio, like his brother Giorgio de Chirico, was part of the French artistic community surrounding Guillaume Apollinaire. At that time he was mainly active as a composer and musician, and it was really not until the 1 920's that he started his career as a painter. Like his brother - the two of them worked closely together as artists in the beginning - he was an eager advocate of metaphysical painting. He held the view that painting should point to the existence of "another" reality, a secret and mysterious reality beyond logic and rational thinking.

Savinio has long been an "artists' artist", but in recent years he has met with understanding and admiration from a steadily growing section of the public. This small exhibition, concentrated on displaying a number of his most characteristic works, will throw light on his distinctive work as a painter.

September 6 - November 30, 1997


New Art from Denmark and Scania

With the LOUISIANA EXHIBITION in the fall of 1997, the Louisiana Museum will be introducing a new series of exhibitions which, with an approximate four-year interval, will focus on the current state of visual art in Denmark and Scania. Occupying more than half of the museum's space and presenting about 50 different artists, this will be a comprehensive display of what is happening in visual art in this region.
The exhibition will present mainly new works created for the occasion by painters and sculptors, video and installation artists, old as well as young - but all living or working in Denmark or Scania. In this way the exhibition will contribute to the cultural bridging of the Sound between Sweden and Denmark, and to the discussion of the region's cultural identity.

October 3, 1997 - February 8, 1998 / 3 octobre - 8 février, 1998

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