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The Art Now room houses four contemporary art exhibitions each year. These exhibitions feature recent work by new and established artists, from this country and abroad. For Art Now, 10 (26 May- 3 August ) Michal Rovner has divided the room in half in order to show large-scale images in one section and a video installation in the other.
The contrasting two and three -dimensional installations of grouped figures and birds in flight create a sense of tension in a confined space. In generating, processing and representing her material, Rovner uses techniques drawn from computer technology and video, photography, printmaking and painting. The image undergoes a process of radical abstraction and at the same time becomes capable of many alternative readings. Her film Border (shot on and around the border between Israel and Lebanon) deals with the border as both a place and a concept - a meeting point between opposing points of view and opposing forces. Screenings of this film take place in the Clore Gallery Auditorium.

For Art Now, 11 (27 August
- 9 November) Beat Streuli
will create a large scale
photographic work using
multiple slide projections.
The pictures are portraits of
people in the street (taken
anonymously or with their
permission), images of
buildings, construction sites
and general views of London
as a busy, vibrant city.
Through multiple viewpoints
and conscious looking, an
everyday theatre emerges.
The creation of the Art
Now room has been made
possible by generous dona-
tions from The Annenberg
Foundabon, Giles and
Sonia Coode-Adams, the
Paradina Trust and an
anonymous donor.

Programme supported by
The Patrons of New Art.


Michael Rovner
Merging 1997
© The artist

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