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The Arts of China Reinstallation

Four-tiered box
Wins dyn. (16 th century)

This thematic reinstallation will comprise 120 paintings, calligraphics, and applied arts from the various regions within China, spanning Neolithic ceramics through Qing dynasty paintings (1644-1911). Approximately one-third of the objects have never before been on view, and many have not been seen by the public for decades. Part of the reinstallation will include a display recreating a Chinese scholar's studio, replete with furniture, painting, calligraphy, and inkstones. Other featured works include a graceful, bronze, goose-shaped vessel and a pair of tomb pillars, both from the Han Dynasty (206 B.C.-A.D. 220) The entire reinstallation will focus on a "return to the past" and especially, how nearly all historical Chinese culture explored and recreated concepts and conventions used by their ancestors. (Asian Galleries, 2nd floor)

Wine Jar with fishes
Yvan dyn. (1279-1368)

Garment Hook
Han Dyn. (206 BC-AD 221)

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