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OPEN PLAN P3-the marathon

Darren Almond, Jason Brooks, Angus Fairhurst,
Liam Gillick, Brian Griffiths, Gerard Hemsworth,
Emma Kay, Goshka Macuga, D J Simpson, Keith Tyson,
Dimitra Vamiali, Richard Woods


OPEN PLAN P3- the marathon is a group exhibition which takes place in two galleries, Alphadelta and Artio, sharing the same building, in the centre of Athens curated by Dimitra & Sofia Vamiali. The exhibition will present significant works of some of the most important artists of international artscene, presented for first time in Greece. An artist´s initiative OPEN PLAN P3- the marathon avoids a thematical approach. It deals with the notions of strategy and poetry, pragmatism and idealism. Manifestations of artistic potentialities.


Angus Fairhurst, "Destroy the enemy, destroy the image"

Jason Brooks, "Natasha" (1999)
acrylique sur toile.

Brian Griffiths

Dimitra Vamiali