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Anne Meier Bourgeois (1956) CH.-Vevey
Isabelle Fink (1952) CH.-Thalwil
Youri Messen-Jaschin (1941) Latvia
Maximilien Nardi (1972) CH.- Lausanne
Cristina Poretti (1972) CH.- Lausanne
Isabelle Premand (1970) CH.-Vevey
Anne-Claude Rigo (1962) CH.- Yverdon
Jana Trnka (1950) CH.-Lausanne
Jacek Wilewski (1952) CH.- Renens

Stephane More (musician artist)
Roman Kuonen & Nicolas Sutter (percussion)

Organized by the Corporation of painters - sculptors and architects Switzerland, this exposition is the unpublished adventure of sculptors that create for the event of realized works uniquely whit plastic. Musical creations and sonorous illustrations will complete this praise of the plastic one.

Anne Bourgeois Meier imagined "dancers embalm", the plastic one playing with their forms, the transparency an the fluidity of the matter. Isabelle Fink works since always with plastic supple and realize gigantic works, sometimes flying. This diverted time of their first usefulness, the leaves of plastic one, some lying to place on top, transformed, them in own word. Youri Messen-Jaschin integrate supple elements in a space Kinetic, its lines, traced on materials playing the transparency, reproduce structures particularly subtle kinetic that put in relation abstracts it and the optical illusion on one hand and a demonstration psychophysiologiquel of the movement on the other hand. These reproduced geometric forms uniformly on the whole surface of the work, develop progressively without losing their identity, even when the artist applies a plot of irritating parallel lines. (R.Neuenschwander, art critic Bern Switzerland). Nardi Maximilien works with plastic supple and sound supply to create acoustic spaces. Isabelle Premand make video some taken on the reality hidden reality of the plastic one, she will leave the sounds to create themselves around inside and to the outsides. Christine Poretti thinks of the sweat that the plastic generate. Anne-Claude Rigo realizes an installation while cutting, solder and métamorphose plastic matter. Jana Trnka created works in plastic supple, luminous, as for example light showers. Jacek Wilewski creates miniature engravings-to-hot on plastic, that one sees only by transparency.

Borel Stephane, Kuonen Novel and Suter Nicolas, percussion's, will create Plastic Percussion, a multicolor concert, multiform and multifunction that will ally the magic of sonorous pictures to the flexibility of the plastic.

Exhibition commissioner: Zabu Wahlen.
Public Relations and press: Youri Messen-Jaschin E-mail: mailto:yourimessenjaschin@urbanet.ch